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Building a Photography Brand for Turning Heads

Shaking-up the Corporate Headshot Industry

At a Glance

Client: Turning Heads


  • Graphic Design

  • Brand Design

  • Logo Design

  • Web Design

  • Motion Design

  • Market Research

  • Copy writing 


  • Graphic Designer

  • Producer

  • Designer 

  • Web Designer

  • Digital Designer

Turning Heads_Stylescape.png


  1. To create a brand design that appeals to the corporate space, while visually setting this company’s offering apart from the other headshop photography offerings in the London market.

  2. To create a range of deliverables from a company logo and brand design to a wireframe of the photography studios website.


Turning Heads is a new photography brand that focused on creating headshots and portraits for working professionals that aim to convey an individual’s personality. Describing their aim as to “break through the sea of dull, corporate, and outdated employee photos”, this brand looks to break the status quo of stuffy, boring, businessy LinkedIn profile pictures and company website profile images. 

I recruited and led a team who helped Turning Heads create a full brand identity that conveyed their desire to change the norm, while still maintaining an appeal for the corporate space. I was also responsible for many of the graphic design needs in this project. 


This project had a large number of deliverables which were required in a short space of time. From concept to final hand over, this entire project ran for a total length of a month.


To deliver this project I worked with two very skilled creatives, a top-tier graphic designer Felicity Dalton (who was jointly responsible with myself for the brand design, graphic design and web design aspects of the project) and Emily Warner a seriously talented creative copywriter.


As a team, we worked with the client to create a full brand identity, including these deliverables:


  • An Initial Stylescape or Mood Board and Initial Concepts

  • Market Research

  • A Brand Story 

  • Pillars Defining the Brand’s Tone of Voice

  • Logo Design

  • A Colour Pallet

  • Typeface Pairing

  • Website Wireframe 

  • A Favicon

  • Website Sales Funnel Copy

  • Brand Guidelines Document

  • Business Card Mock-up

Understandably, this was a large scope of work for such a short time frame and required us to work efficiently as a team to ensure we delivered a comprehensive service to Turning Heads, while maintaining quality.


Turning Heads are currently in the process of developing the website wireframe we designed with them, and plan to launch their offering to the market later this year.

If your considering launching a product or service and need a brand identity that attracts your ideal customer, then please get in touch via the contact section of my website so we can discuss your unique needs and help you achieve your aims.

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