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Motion Design for Gaggia Coffee

Celebrating More than 80 Years of Excellence

At a Glance


  • Social Media Design

  • Motion Design

  • Animation

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Editing

  • Design


  • Motion Designer

  • Animator

  • Designer 

  • Video Editor

  • Social Media Designer


  1. To create the animation to support a hero video for the new Gaggia campaign “The Art Of Perfection” celebrating more than 80 years since the inception of the modern coffee machine. 

  2. To take this content and redesign it from a 16:9 aspect ratio to be used across social media in various formats and aspect ratios. 

  3. To animate the opening stings to a series of supporting content focusing on the users of Gaggia coffee machines. 


It was one man's determined quest for the perfect espresso in the 1930s Milan that gave birth to Gaggia, one of Italy's most iconic brands. For more than half a century, Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines. 

This project, The Art Of Perfection, was a large campaign for the brand which celebrated the creation of the modern coffee machine and Gaggia’s 83 year history.


This project was run by HDY Agency, where I worked closely with two very talented creatives to deliver this project; Katie Collins, who was responsible for the creative direction of the project, and Morgan Tedd (founder of Erase Creative) who shot the live action footage used within the campaign. My responsibility was to create the animation and motion design to support the live action footage in telling Gaggia’s brand story within the hero video, but I was also tasked to build social assets for use on the company’s social channels.


This project required the social assets to be tested and adjusted depending on how successfully each one engaged the target audience. This meant that I had to be flexible in my approach to ensure we could update and adjust the assets as we collected data and received feedback on each social asset.

251846_Gaggia - Q4 BTB Animation_Sting Luke_1.gif
251846_Gaggia - Q4 BTB Animation_Sting Lucy_1.gif


We worked as a team to deliver a strong creative that would stand as the hero video for the entire campaign, this focused on telling the story of Gaggia’s 83 year history and how the founder had a vision for better Italian coffee. 

We then worked to build a series of assets that where used across the brand’s social channels that aimed to drive traffic to The Art Of Perfection landing page. These assets varied in approach and style, from fully animated motion design to videos focusing on interviewing the baristas that used Gaggia machines in their everyday. My motion design was used to support any live action content that was created for the campaign. 

If you feel your brand could benefit from motion design or animation to help tell your story and highlight your products unique offering to the market, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the form on the contact section of my website.

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