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Animation for the NHS

Help I’m a New Father!

At a Glance

Client: NHS


  • Motion Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Editing

  • Sound Design

  • Illustration

  • Animation

  • Design


  • Motion Designer

  • Director

  • Producer

  • Animator

  • Manager

  • Video Editor


  1. To create a series of seven videos that answer FAQs new fathers have about their baby.

  2. To be considerate of the brand’s tone of voice.

  3. To ensure that a “human” element came through the videos.

  4. To use answers given in interviews with real nurses that work at the NHS.


The National Health Service is the publicly funded healthcare system in England, and one of the four National Health Service systems in the United Kingdom.

This project was designed as a series of videos to help new fathers with the commonly asked questions the NHS receive from new parents. As a new parent, you're bound to have questions on everything from getting started with breastfeeding to washing and bathing your baby and changing their nappy.


The videos needed to be palatable and engage new fathers, while ensuring that the content was relevant for them. One challenge we faced on this project was that some of the answers given by the nurses were very long and required us to edit what was said. This became a balancing act between ensuring that relevant, useful and helpful information was prioritised and that the edit flowed well as a piece of video production. 

On this project I worked with a series of talented creatives including Phil Baker, Carina Hanslik, Morgan Tedd and Ben Kane. This project had a large team working on various aspects of the project and one of my responsibilities was act as a producer and manage the various team members involved with the animated scenes. This challenge was compounded by the fact that the client was slow to provide feedback, which meant at times the project lost momentum. 

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Vid 4_Scene 1_Tired Dad _ Baby in Cot0.jpg


We took the footage recorded with the nurses and new fathers and created a series of animated scenes that would break up the interview with engaging motion to bring the narrative to life. These scenes were directed by me. I helped concept the idea for each scene, managed the illustrators to create the stills (which were produced in Procreate) and then produced and animated the illustrations into visually exciting scenes using After Effects.

If you require animation, 2D motion graphics or illustration to bring your brand’s story to life, please reach out here on my website so we can discuss your specific needs. 

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