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Advertising Patrón Tequila & Beat Hotel’s Latest Event

Warm Sunshine, Good Music & Even Better Tequila

At a Glance


  • Motion Design

  • Video Editing

  • Sound Editing

  • Animator

  • Design

  • Colour Grading

  • VFX (Visual Effects)

  • Social Media Design


  • Social Media Designer

  • Motion Designer

  • Animator 

  • Video Editor


  1. To advertise the upcoming festival to prospective English and Spanish speaking clients, ultimately with the aim of increasing ticket sales for the event. 

  2. Adhere to the strict brand guidelines that Beat Hotel have regarding the aesthetic of their content. 

  3. To build upon last year’s video and elevate the content, while ensuring visual continuity.


From a four-day festival in Marrakech to a Balearic retreat in Ibiza, the Beat Hotel welcomes the culturally curious to global get-togethers. The Beat Hotel opened its doors in the fields of Avalon in 2011, with an extensive house cocktail list, a round-the-clock DJ line-up, and (occasionally) food served by a rolling roster of borrowed chefs from some of London’s top restaurants.

This project centred around adverting one of these exciting events and was sponsored by the world-renowned spirit Patrón Tequila.


I was brought in by In the Beginning Studio to help design and animate the creative for placing on the various social media platform to advertise this year’s Beat Hotel event. This video had a tight turnaround time as the client needed to get the video signed off with enough time to allow the advert to re-engage previous attendees of the event, but also attract new clients. The video also had multiple stake holders involved in sign off, as Patrón Tequila also needed to sign off on each stage of the video production.

It was also key to maintain the aesthetic that the previous content used for advertising the event was maintained, but to add a fresh feel and twist to the new content to ensure that it was engaging for the audience Beat Hotel had.

The final signed off video also need then translating to Spanish, as the event is held in Ibiza (a island in Spain) so it could be used to engage the demographic of the audience who were Spanish speaking.


I worked with Justin Gardner, who created the pervious video for the event, to understand the brief and how the previous video was created. I then designed an interesting and fresh typographic set of rules that took the style from last year’s design and added a fresh twist to the design. This included adding more dynamic motion to last years design, but also creating a set of bespoke visual effects inside After Effects, rather than using “off the shelf” effects as with previous videos.

The event was a resounding success and was able to sell enough tickets to fill the venue and turn a profit. This was impressive as Covid restrictions had only just started to lift globally, which was a concern for organisers of the event.

If you feel your brand could benefit from bespoke visual effects, motion graphics or a video designed to engage your clients or audience, feel free to contact me on my website so we can discuss your aims and how I can assist you in achieving them.

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