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Liars And Cheats:

Feature Film


This project is still a work in progress. The full feature film is due to be released very soon.

I was commissioned to produce the opening title sequence. The director (Jacob Migicovsky) wanted to create an animated opening sequence in a 1960's style, referencing Pink Panther and UPA animation studio stylistically. 

The sequence's narrative reflects the narrative of the live action film, namely the protagonist (Max Peters) having his phone hacked and confidential material leaked to the media. 




Director & Producer:

Matt came on board our feature film to improve our opening animation, and he did just that. We weren't always sure what we were looking for, and having Matt there to express his creativity and show us tons of different possibilities opened up the entire process. He was able to give us what we needed, but more importantly, expand the whole piece.

Jacob Migicovsky,
Producer: Feature Film “Liars & Cheats”,
Tanglewood Media.


Stills: Opening Sequence

Trailer: Feature Film

Stills: Feature Film

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