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London, UK


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Bringing a new disruptive technology to the digital self development and mindfulness space.

Kouo’s breakthrough technology allows it’s earphones to monitor your neurological activity. Kouo is a product that describes itself as:

“Emotionally intelligent earphones, designed to unlock your potential.”

The product gives you an easily understandable picture of your emotional changes. It helps you understand and manage your emotional responses on a daily and monthly basis and allows you to improve your productivity, mental wellbeing and sports performance.

Product Advertisement

This advertisement was created to launch the product. It aims to explain the product in more detail, but in a clear and concise manner. 

I was responsible for creating the motion graphics for the video. 

Mockup iphone realistic.png
Iphone with screens.jpg

* Hover over me to play

The Mission

To help Kouo realise its vision of launching an app on Apple’s App Store that pairs with the technology in their headphones. This app gave users an interface with the data recorded while their product is in use. Kouo came to me with a clear brand identity in place, which our design had to adhere to. 

My role was to help wire frame the app’s user interface, and help design one of the features of the app. The feature in question was an audio visual experience. This experience would show abstract visuals while the user listened to ambient sounds, such as being in a forest, or relaxed to a guided meditation. 

The Outcome

We worked with Kouo to create a minimalist, clean design, mirroring the apps use for productivity, mental wellbeing and meditation.

A visual mockup of the finished app which was successfully used in a pitch deck for funding. 

A modular audio visual experience with over 20 minutes of bespoke animation that worked as a style guide for the developers to build the feature into the application.


Discovery & Research
Wireframe Design
User Interface
User Experience
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design

The Project

The Goal

To outline the app’s features, structure and aesthetic as a guide for the developers.
Design an audio visual experience that can scale up for use across multiple audio tracks. 

The Process

Our process with Kouo started by identifying the end user of the application and their goals. This informed us of how to structure the application. 

We then designed mockups (for both the user interface and audio visual experience) exploring the different aesthetics that sat within the provided brand guidelines.

Once the app’s structure and aesthetic had been created, an animated mockup of the final design was produced. This was designed for use within a pitch deck to give prospective investors a taste of the final product. 


The audio visual experience presented more challenges as the feature needed to accommodate for growth in the future. In this case, more audio tracks would be added to the app. To resolve this, we created a way in which the animations would loop seamlessly into one another, but also work with any audio track within a certain range of tempos.

Kouo successfully obtained funding, has developed the app and headphones, which are now available to purchase at Kouo’s website.

Mockup iphone realistic 2.jpg

App Mock-Up Video

We worked with Kouo to create a visual mock-up of the finished app which was successfully used in a pitch deck for funding. 

This gave potential investors a clear idea of what the final application would feel like to use and what features it aimed to create.

"Made us an incredible video, very high quality, awesome work!
Will work with Matt again soon!"

Shaan Bassi

CEO & Co-founder, Kouo, London, UK

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