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Designing minimalist, modern packaging that redefines the perception of cannabis.

Cannabotech is a forerunner in the research into medical uses for cannabis. Cannabotech is a team of PhD research scientists, medical doctors, and pharmacists on a common mission to put effective, preventative care solutions into consumers’ hands.

Mockup Cosmetic bottle_Cannabotech_Visum_NO WATERMARK.jpg

The Mission

To create an aesthetic for the health conscious individual. These products aimed to bring a new perception of cannabis as a medicine to the market. 

The Outcome

A sleek and clean aesthetic that could be used for a topical cream product line that appealed to the holistic market. 


Discovery & Research
Branding Strategy
Market Positioning

Logo & ID Systems
Package Design

The Project

The Goal


It was important to the investors that Cannabotech felt like a stand-alone company while retaining some of the underlying brand qualities of its parent company. It was important to create an authoritative brand that reflects a growing holistic market. 

The Process

During the project our design focused on the physical and mental benefits that come from using the Cannabotech products, hence why we went for liquid 3D models for the logo and a paired back modern design for the packaging. Similarly, the colours, photography, and informal style of typography all emphasised the positive benefits of the product.

Final Product Package EDITED 3.jpg

"Excellent work! Completed on time, to my full satisfaction".

Shahar Ariel

CEO, Shahar Ariel Studio

(Representing Cannabotech), Ra’anana, Israel

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