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Launching a Start-up, From Zero to Hero


Blue Ladder




London, UK


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Taking Blue Ladder from concept to company.

Blue Ladder is a construction company in North London that launched last year. They came to us for help designing a full visual identity and basic website outlining the company’s services. 
As the company was a startup the budget for this project was limited, so we provided the client with an economic package that met all of the company’s immediate needs

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The Mission

Our role was to identify Blue Ladder’s competitors and outline a clear market offering that differentiated Blue Ladder. Then, design a brand that aligned this research into a clear message and identity. This identity was then used as a platform on which to build the website. The website also needed a client portal. 

The Outcome

A clean, easy to navigate, functional website design with an approachable, friendly brand identity that appeals to the target demographic of middle-class Londoners with disposable income for bespoke carpentry.

Blue Ladder now has a list of  regular clients and continues to use the website to manage invoices.


Discovery & Research
Website Design
Website Development
User Interface
User Experience
Branding Strategy
Market Positioning
Logo & ID Systems
Graphic Design

The Project

The Goal


To create a simple, clear, clean brand identity that would appeal to the ideal customer, as identified in the research. 
To then use this identity to create a website that acts as a business card and client portal.

The Process

We started by working with the client to identify the company’s services, the target market, local competition and company values. 

We took this research and created distinct market positionings that would resonate with the target demographic. 

From this we designed a logo and full visual identity. This informed the design process of the website and identified the key messages that would be shown. 

The website was designed to be clean and simple. It works as a business card for Blue Ladder, but also provides customer with a portal to login and access information about their project.

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"Very satisfied with the service, I will be using Matt for future graphic design projects as and when.

I would highly recommend".

Dan Huke

CEO, Blue Ladder, London, UK

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