Engaging & Thoughtful

I dabble in web design, so understand the principles of how website work under the hood, but also how to design content that will look great and function smoothly. I have lots of experience designing content for the web, I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and can read both. I have worked in a role where one of my responsibilities was to produce the creatives for clickable ads. These aimed to drive traffic to sites and increase revenue.



Landing and Contact Page

I was asked to create the landing page for Aurex Group. Aurex Group is an executive recruitment company that specialise in the Property & Construction and Natural Resources & Commodities sectors.

This utilised an interactive hover and a clear distinction between the three areas  that Aurex Group specialise in.  




I was asked to help West Coast Cannabis, a Canadian company, to produce a clickable GIF designed for their website. This GIF was aimed at informing users of a sale they where holding. It was also seeded across their partner sites to drive traffic to their sale. 

This graphic was designed to be "click-bate" and pull in potential customers. 

Westcoast_Final_LARGE GIF.gif