The majority of my work is designed for social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram. 
I helped Core London, a production studio where I held the role of lead motion graphics designer, monetise their YouTube channel.



Personal Work

This project is a personal piece of work. It was designed as a social media post and plays on an editorial style.

The concept was to "advertise" a chewing gum.


Social Media Animation

Light Tree Marketing is a Facebook advertisement agency that approached us to help them animate their logo for a marketing campaign they were creating to advertise their services.

We carefully identified how they planed to use the animation, its indented message and the audience they wanted to target.

We created them a clean, timeless and professional animation that enhanced their logo's design and played on the light bulb in the design. A series of formats where created to suit multi-platform use including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


Exhibition Advertisement

This project was an advert I was commissioned to do by 508 Kings Road Gallery. This gallery in Chelsea, London was hosting Molly Parkin's final exhibition of her latest paintings. 

Molly Parkin is a contemporary of Andy Warhol and a very well respected painter, novelist and journalist.  She is well known in the fashion world, but she is particularly famous for her exploits in the 1960's. 

I was commissioned to create an advert for this exhibition, aimed at mobile devices, to sit on social media. I used Parkin's artworks that where being exhibited to create this animation.