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This is a 3D model I created with Cinema 4D.  Previously I have generally found royalty free models online and used these in my work. For this project I wanted to create the entire project from scratch.

Here you can see wire frame renders which highlight the intricacy of the model. Once I built this model I proceeded to animate the work, again using Cinema 4D.

Final Render

Once the work was animated I wanted to render it with textures and composite it into a scene. I decided to use a render technique that created a cartoonish feel to the model. It gives the edges and some of the polygons a black outline.

Once I had added some camera movement and rendered this out, I brought the work into After Effects to begin compositing. I created a back ground of stars using Adobe Illustrator (in-keeping with the cartoonish feel) and animated this in conjunction with the camera movement.


Then all it required was some tweaking and sound to be added. I created the sound design using royalty free sound and bent them to fit the movement. The final render is below.


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