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Painting Phase


This piece was commissioned by the Barbican Centre, London, for a show called 'Music Box'. The piece was seen in a loop as a back drop to a performance on stage. 


This project focuses on the relationship between light and sound within film. This relationship between these two mediums is critical to film and something that makes film unique. The blending of flat moving images with sound has been explored by every film maker that has has ever lived. 

Painting phase is an experimental film highlighting this well founded relationship in an exciting new way. To create this film I constructed an exciting animation technique. It uses light trails that are "painted" on to the sensor of a camera. This requires a light source to act as the brush and the lens of the camera to be left open in a technique called 'long exposure'. With these images I was then able to animate a sequence, creating a truly electrifying visual effect.  



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