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Natural Geometry


This project looks at the geometry that can be created using a low polygon technique. It focuses on landscapes and its interaction with the elements. 


Below are some test renders I created using a height map of the UK. Once I had used the hieght map as a displacement, I then proceeded to reduce the number of polygons in the mesh until I had a balance between it's detail and a low polygonal feel. 

On the right is a small scene from the full render below. This was used as a test to explore the interaction between a golden geometric rain drop and a solid sea. It plays on something we have all seen (water entering water) but experiments with the physical properties of these elements for an exciting effect. 

The render below is a short film created in relation to the ideas I have talked about  under the concept section. above.

This film takes natural forms and the elements and alters their physical properties within a low polygon  environment. It aims to experiment with the interplay between a natural environment and an abstracted computer generated world. 

The piece uses a geometric feel and aims to convey ideas of precipitation's interaction with land and sea. 

The sound of Rain