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Final Render


HOLOFIL is a mixed reality product that allows a viewer to see a holographic projection of 3D models and renders. This product gives the same effect as a pair of augmented reality glasses, but without the wearable tech. 


HOLOFIL is currently a start up and this project was designed to engage prospect clients at technology conventions around the world, where the product is displayed regularly on display. This piece of video was designed to give maximum impact and display the product's capabilities.  I created a style that I felt was in keeping with the product and that would grab  viewers attention and make this product stand out amongst competitors. 

Matt is a freelance professional that I got a chance to work with in regards to a motion graphics project assignment to test his skills for a show-reel for HOLOFIL. This show-reel was well appreciated by our viewers on social media promotions, etc. We found him professional, easy to communicate with, helpful in nature and we hope to have him working with us whenever there is a suitable project in motion graphics to match his expertise.

Dr. Mrunal Gawade,
Founder & CEO, HOLOFIL,
Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Render: Displayed in Holofil

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