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Deep fakes, rigged elections and the power of the tech giants all equal distrust and misinformation. The result: this year's trends are away from mainstream social media as a marketing tool. Email marketing is one of the most personal ways you can interact with your customers.

I can help you create campaigns that produce real results, don't feel like spam and generate genuine conversions to your website. I use Mailchimp to deliver engaging email campaigns. I can deliver a full campaign from concept to a final report outlining the data collected on the target audience.

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Email Marketing, Visuals

Aurex Group is an executive recruitment company that specialise in the Property & Construction and Natural Resources & Commodities sectors.

The aim of this project was to bring brand awareness to Aurex Group's clients and have candidate's engage with the company by registering their interest to be contacted.

I help Aurex Group with email campaigns on a on-going basis, and have now delivered six campaigns in total.