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Buddha Brain

Website Design

& Concept

This is a website that is still a work in progress. It is a design for a company delivering spiritual and mindfulness e-learning.  On the right is the final version of the landing page for the website, the other pages are in progress.



E learning company, providing spiritual guidance, courses and help aimed at females looking to reconnect with themselves.

Three services:

  • Guided meditation audio books/podcasts

  • Yoga at home tutorial videos

  • Mindfulness e books

Key words for aesthetic:

Light, bright, airy, sparse, clean, minimalist, on the corporate side

Font TEsts

These are all royalty free fonts that I found using 'google fonts' and 'dafonts'. I feel they all still well within the aesthetic I wanted to create. I was inspired by the kind of type face you might find within scripture or Buddhist  teachings. 

After finding these fonts I experimented with using the 'B' from one style and making up the rest of the words in another style. These experiments where aimed at informing me when it came to the logo design, but also the aesthetic of the website.

Logo Designs

I spent some time experimenting with the logo designs.  On the right are a selection of the designs I created for  Buddha Brain. These designs are from near the end of the design process and you can definitely see the similarities between them all. 

I almost decided that just text could be a good option as I struggled to find a suitable balance between an aesthetic that conveyed mindfulness and clean/corporate. 

The image I ended up using is not one I created, but I think works well with the type face. I also decided to stick with a high contrast monotone colour pallet. As you can see in the top right image I attempted to inverse these colours, but felt it was too difficult to see the illustration. 

Final LOGO

To create the animated gif in the centre of the landing page, I used a free model (seen on the right in wire frame, and fully rendered on the left). 

The animation needed to be simple but effective in conveying what the company was about as it is for use on social media and on the landing page.  



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