Creative Concoction

My designs are not just pretty images. I pride myself on understanding your company, its values and your customers. I strive to deliver a creative solution that your customers will resonate with.  I understand that a logo is just the first step towards creating a clear identity. I will help you set your company apart from your competition.

Cannabotech Final on White Small.jpg


3D Logo and Packaging

Cannabotech is a topical cream designed to relieve muscular pain. This product utilises the cannabinoid "CBD" as an active ingredient. 

We were asked to model the product's logo with a realistic render to enhance the oily feel to the logo. The graphic designer provided us with a label and the logo.

Logo Glow_Blue on Black_1080p_JPG.png


Full Visual Identity

This is a project we created for a brand that aims to train people in trading crypto-currency.

We where asked to build the company a full visual identity and a part of this identity was a series of training videos. This required a sting to show the brand at the begging of each video.

The logo was designed first in 2D and then built as a 3D model. The model was then textured, lit and rendered before being animated.

The design was inspired by technology, the finance industry and its relationship to gold.

Mockup embossed logo Heart of labour.png


Visual Identity

This project was created in conjunction with the UK Labour Party and Core Politics. The concept for the show was to create a space for members of the UK Labour party to discuss, highlight and challenge each other on the current issues within the party. 

We were asked to create the logo for the show. This logo needed to be instantly recognisable as affiliated with the UK Labour, but also set its self apart from the Labour party's own logo.

The show was then seeded across the labour mailing list and used as a piece of content to broadcast the different political views within the party, highlighting the party's openness to diversity.